Book Holidays According To Your Weather Preferences

Book Holidays According To Your Weather Preferences

Virgin airline concept shows innovation when it comes to booking flights.

Yi Chen
  • 30 november 2011

Students at the Miami School of Advertising in the U.S. have come up with an interesting and exciting concept for the airline Virgin Atlantic. The idea involves booking vacations according to your preferences in weather and climate, rather than country and city.

Users initially select their current location and also their budget. Then, they can select their ideal climate from a range of options such as preferred temperature, cloud coverage, rain, snow, wind, humidity and even UV strength. Once booked, the location is only revealed a day before the flight according to weather reports.

The concept is smart and witty and could attract travelers who are a bit more picky when it comes to the weather – after all, not knowing what clothing items to pack can be a dilemma. The concept explains that, “Since you already know what weather to expect, you’ll be on your way to your perfect vacation.”

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