Box-Shaped Motorcycle’s Mirror-Finish Makes It Nearly Invisible [Pics]

Box-Shaped Motorcycle’s Mirror-Finish Makes It Nearly Invisible [Pics]

Joey Ruiter's 'Moto Undone' has an electric motor with a range of up to 90 miles.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 november 2011

Designer Joey Ruiter‘s ‘Moto Undone’ is an electric motorbike encased in a block of polished metal. The mirrored finish makes the bike seem almost invisible, with just the wheels, handlebars and foot pedals poking out of the box-shaped body.

We want to re-set the definition of a motorbike by stripping away historical attributes that make them so great. It’s hard to imagine a motorcycle without fancy paint, overpowered motors, exposed mechanical genius, and sweet exhaust tones. Moto Undone is pure generic transportation and by motorbike category definition it isn’t very cool. The motorbike references are small and when someone is riding, they are all you see. The bike almost disappears. The rider just floats along the streets silently.

Moto Undone is powered by a 1000w 48v electric hub motor, giving it a range of 90 miles or around 3 hours. All of the gauges and riding information, like speed and GPS, is displayed through the rider’s smartphone using downloadable apps. Click through to see more photos of the motorcycle:


Photos by Dean Van Dis

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