British Musicians Design Augmented Reality Energy Drink Bottles

British Musicians Design Augmented Reality Energy Drink Bottles

New Lucozade energy drinks feature AR-enabled bottles that burst into interactive movies when viewed through a smartphone app.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 24 november 2011

An ad agency, several musicians, and an app developer have collaborated on Lucozade Energy’s latest campaign, creating drink bottles that launch videos through an augmented reality (AR) smartphone app.

Billington Cartmell, a UK ‘thinking brands’ agency, led the project to join artistic expression with an interactive brand experience. Using a the unique ability of the Aurasma app to map and track cylindrical objects, the agency asked seven of the UK’s biggest musicians to design a Lucozade bottle which when viewed through Aurasma leaps to life with video and animations.

A great deal of exclusive content was created for this campaign, and most of it is accessible only through the AR-enabled app. The animations that play from the bottles in the app are really only teasers, directing users to a website with documentaries and behind-the scenes video.

The most interesting aspect of this project is the collaboration between three different groups to create a single brand experience centered on creativity and engagement. Two of the musicians involved, Plan B and Tinie Tempah, will promote the campaign with their massive social media following, with the hope that their ‘cool’ will spread to the client and that all involved will be seen as innovators.


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