PSFK interviews Jason Blanck about his 'Etsy-for-geeks' style start-up Broodr.

Broodr is a website that connects buyers and sellers of unique and creative DIY product concepts. Much like Etsy, they feature products that are hard to find and made by passionate, deeply invested people. We met up with Broodr's founder, Jason Blanck, to get a deeper understanding of their business roots and general strategy.

Tell us about your background and your role within Broodr. Who else is part of the core team?

The background of Broodr actually started the way most startups do: I came up with the idea while in grad school, living in my parents basement. I'm the founder, primarily executing the business side of things and working with the sellers. John Ganotis is my CTO and co-founder, leading the development of the Broodr product. And we've also got a few freelancers-slash-part-timers-slash-volunteers who help out with all sorts of other things like business development, social, community development and general mayhem.

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