Pirate Wifi Network On The New York Subway

Pirate Wifi Network On The New York Subway

Mobile users on the L Train can access a special Intranet site during rush hour to communicate with each other.

Yi Chen
  • 15 november 2011

New York commuters on the L Train this week will be able to connect and chat with each other thanks to a pirate Wi-Fi network set up by the creative collective The ‘L Train Notwork’ is a collaborative project that can only be accessed between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. for five days only from 14-19 November.

In addition to the interactive message board, the local network will also host a variety of new curated writing pieces and images every morning. Matthew McGregor-Mento and Mark Krawczuk from commented that:

We like to encourage strangers to talk to each other and this seemed like a great way to do it. When people ride the train during rush hour they are forced to be so close to each other but they rarely interact with each other. We wanted to give people something to talk about.

Details on how to access Notwork from your mobile phone will be handed out at train stations and also shown on the website.

L Train Notwork

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