Chevrolet Loans Out Its New Vehicle To People With Klout

Chevrolet Loans Out Its New Vehicle To People With Klout

The partnership allows those with a qualifying score to sign up and drive the Sonic for three days.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 november 2011

Chevrolet’s new 2012 Sonic, the only subcompact built in the United States, is being promoted to a targeted group of consumers using a partnership with Klout, the company that measures online influence and awards its members with Perks. The campaign implements the first national automotive Klout Perk, offering qualifying users the chance to drive the Sonic on a three-day vehicle loan and then share their thoughts online with friends and followers.

Klout users with a score of over 45, who live in San Francisco, New York, Atlanta or Dallas can sign up to receive the special Perk. The loan is granted between November 11th and December 14th. Carolin Probst-lyer, manager of digital consumer engagement for Chevrolet, said:

We are aiming the Sonic squarely at consumers who are part of the Millennial generation. Partnering with Klout allows us to reach this audience, encourage them to get behind the wheel of a Sonic and use social media to share their driving experiences.

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