The Behance Network is a leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This week we bring you some innovative ideas from logo redesign to iPad enhanced sales tools.

Mordor by Jakub Polomski (Cieszyn, Pland) This artist, apparently a serious Tolkien fan, named this mountain photography set after a word in Tolkein’s Elvish Language. “Mordor” means “Land of Shadow.” [Project Link]

Wired Logo Interpretation by Piotr Buczkowski (Poland) In each WIRED, a graphic artist re-interprets their classic logo. Here’s a close-up of one take, which looks a bit like Spiderman just passed through. [Project Link]

BMW Sales Tool by Martin Oberhauser (Hamburg, Germany) A BMW iPad “sales tool” for sellers to have all their pitch info at their fingertips. Great UI, and a strategically brilliant concept. [Project Link]

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