The Behance Network a leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This week they bring us various innovative ideas from around the world an update to the classic Jack Daniel's branding.

Jackie Daniels Tennessee Honey by Nathan Hinz and Cue (Minnesota, USA) The latest in whiskey branding -Jack Daniel's used the “honey” theme to inspire their design, making use of a honeycomb pattern and warm color palette. [Project Link]

Place 02 by Craig Easton (United Kingdom) Letting the sky take up over 2/3rd of the frame, this emotive piece is a bit reminiscent of Andrew Wythe's iconic painting, “Christina's World.”  [Project Link]

TDW_2001-2030 by Hiroshi Yoshii (Tokyo, Japan) Why do kids these days get all the coolest toys?? A collection that could just as easily live in a child's toolbox as an adult's mantle.  [Project Link]

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