Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network

Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network

The Behance Network a leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This week they bring us various innovative ideas from around the world an update to the classic Jack Daniel's branding.

  • 30 november 2011

Jackie Daniels Tennessee Honey by Nathan Hinz and Cue (Minnesota, USA)
The latest in whiskey branding -Jack Daniel’s used the “honey” theme to inspire their design, making use of a honeycomb pattern and warm color palette. [Project Link]

Place 02 by Craig Easton (United Kingdom)
Letting the sky take up over 2/3rd of the frame, this emotive piece is a bit reminiscent of Andrew Wythe’s iconic painting, “Christina’s World.”  [Project Link]

TDW_2001-2030 by Hiroshi Yoshii (Tokyo, Japan)
Why do kids these days get all the coolest toys?? A collection that could just as easily live in a child’s toolbox as an adult’s mantle.  [Project Link]

Heads-Overinformation by ivan Prieto (Lugo, Spain)
Purposely deformed, these ceramic sculptures consider the human form loosely. The above is called “Catwoman getting sick.” [Project Link]


ICG – Branding by moodly brand identity, Kurt Glazner, and Birgit Taucher (Austria)
This branding riffs off of “whiteboarding” and brainstorming sessions, using the related icons (like arrows, cross-out, handwritten font) to create a new identity design. [Project Link]

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