Dogfish Head Brewery’s Architectural Personality [Pics]

Dogfish Head Brewery’s Architectural Personality [Pics]
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The brewing company has a new space to accentuate its progressive and quirky personality, capturing the character of its beer.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 16 november 2011

The story of Dogfish Head brewers is as unique and American as their beers are. Starting in a brewpub, they quickly outgrew their original space and moved to an old cannery in Delaware. Since they were growing so rapidly, the new brewery was designed, built, and brought to operational status in only 11 months.

The larger space allowed Dogfish Head to embrace their off-center company culture and adventurous laboratory. During the design phase an analysis indicated that they needed much more space than originally allotted, effectively doubling the size of the project and providing an opportunity to get creative with the design and layout of the space.

This included a building expansion and an totally new structure, the Steampunk Treehouse, which serves as a conference room with a view. The new design reoriented the original flow of the cannery, transforming the old fire access road into the entry plaza with two bocce courts.

The compound is eco-friendly as well, combining simple techniques to conserve water and energy with new technologies to minimize environmental impact. By incorporating ‘infiltration areas’ and porous surfaces over and around old pavement, using daylight modeling to determine placement of windows, and installing LED lighting all make for an efficient use of resources. They used many local and salvaged materials for the furniture as well.

 Photos: Pixelcraft Inc. / Roman Torres

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