JC Chandor's new film brings the 1% under a microscope and shows economic fate is interwoven in the structure of society, rather than in the hands of the individual.

We’ve seen a number of attempts to re-enact the crash of 2008 from the perspective of the lead players.

It’s all been well documented; “Too Big to Fail”, the crisis weekend and the search for white knights to save the troubled banks.

Margin Call a movie written and directed by JC Chandor brings something new to the table; fiction and drama.

It’s a movie laden with a remarkable cast of tried and tested acting talent including; Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany, Demi Moore, Jeremy Irons and Kevin Spacey. The movie opens with the bank purging a number of employees including one of the heads of trading, who has just uncovered the severity of the bank’s fragile financial position. As he’s escorted out of the building, he hands the financial details on a disc to another employee, this sets of a chain of events as the bank tries desperately to save itself.

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