Built in openFrameworks, a webcam tracks your position and a camera is triggered when you match the desired expression.

The Apesnake Photobooth was developed by designer Che-Wei Weng (of CW&T) and interactive software developer David Penuela at communication research center Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. It takes photos of people when they're pulling a ‘Manwolf' face and uploads them to a Facebook page.

Built in openFrameworks using Kyle McDonald's FaceOSC, the photobooth uses a webcam to detect a person's face and mouth, then tracks it's position and calculates the width and height of their features. When the person's eyes and mouth match the desired ‘Manwolf' expression so it looks like they're howling, the software triggers a Canon 1000D and captures a photo while playing the sound of an ape shriek. High resolution photos are then saved locally and automatically uploaded to the Apesnake Manwolf Facebook page. Click through to see pictures of the installation and a selection of Manwolfs.

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