Fandango To Begin Offering Digital Ticketing At Select Theaters

Fandango To Begin Offering Digital Ticketing At Select Theaters

The online ticketing giant will forgo physical copies of tickets to make going to the movies simpler and less stressful.

Dylan Schenker
  • 21 november 2011

Fandango is set to take online ticketing to the next stage by forgoing physical tickets all together. For a while now movie theaters have been offering automated ticket printing services for people who order their tickets online, ahead of time. Although this expedited the process it still resulted in the same long lines of people waiting to either print or purchase their tickets.

As a means of bypassing lines like this all together Fandango is set to offer digital tickets that can be scanned on smartphone screens. Thus, moviegoers will be able to go straight to the movie instead of waiting in the lobby for their movies to begin. It makes theaters less crowded and chaotic making the process both simpler for audiences as well as for the theaters themselves. This is especially true of tentpole and blockbuster films where fan fervor can overwhelm theaters and lead to stressful experiences for audiences.

Mobile ticket sales have contributed to Fandango’s growth as a company so it is only natural that they would start considering digital ticketing. In general, as iconic as ticket ripping and box offices are, there really is no reason in this day and age to have to pick up a physical copy of something that is purchased online. In the case of concerts, most venues have been using Will Call for quite some time so it makes sense that movie theaters would do something similar. The added convenience will further help Fandango’s sales but perhaps movie ticket sales in general.

A list of participating theaters can be found here.


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