The brilliantly named new platformer from Curve Studios has been released for nothing. But what is the developer getting out of it?

This article titled “Stealth Bastard and the value of free” was written by Keith Stuart, for on Friday 11th November 2011 09.13 UTC

Last week, London based indie developer Curve Studios did something a lot of games companies have been toying with recently – it gave its new game away for free. The brilliantly titled Stealth Bastard is a downloadable 2D platformer for the PC, filled with traps and enemies but also a light/dark mechanic that requires the player to creep through shadows to avoid being detected. The team has referred to its project as Super Meat Boy meets Metal Gear Solid and the sub-title of ‘Tactical espionage arsehole’ really drums that analogy home. It’s funny, it’s immensely challenging and, yes, it’s free.

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