How Brands Can Engage, Not Alienate, Mobile Users [Video]

How Brands Can Engage, Not Alienate, Mobile Users [Video]

Our panel of experts discuss how brands and mobile developers are working together to create smart business platforms that enhance and don't detract from user experiences.

Liz Walsh
  • 14 november 2011

How can you market a brand intelligently to mobile consumers without overwhelming smaller screens with ads? Where do brands fit into the mobile application development market? Experts predict that by 2013, there will be 13 billion smartphones, necessitating creative thinking and sharp financial ideas. Users expect a free experience, but the reality is that in order to offer this, mobile developers and brands need a solid business platform. Expert mobile developers Gloria Lin of Flipboard, Michael Callahan of One, Inc., Jack Krawczyk of StumbleUpon, and Jason Oberfest of ngmoco:) gather to discuss their varied experience at the PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO, and tell us the secrets to selling products and services on the small screen.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why brands are the primary, not secondary experience
  • How brands can harness emotions and expectations to align with consumer expectations
  • Solutions for brands creating high quality information and products, but having difficulty reaching their audience
  • Why brands must tell a story and have higher quality distribution – advertising isn’t enough
  • Insights as to the future of advertising (kill annoying distractions!)


One, Inc.



Gloria Lin

Michael Callahan

Jason Oberfest

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