How Will Vimeo’s Perks Program Enhance Its Brand?

How Will Vimeo’s Perks Program Enhance Its Brand?

PSFK chats with Vimeo's VP of Creative Development Blake Whitman on the value of membership.

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  • 1 november 2011

Online platforms with perks programs or badge rewards instill a deeper level of participation and loyalty in their users. Vimeo Perks launches today, providing their subscribers with tangible value by providing exclusive discounts on photo and video equipment from specialized retailers including Red Giant, Letus, Kesseler, Garagecube, B&H. We caught up with Vimeo’s Blake Whitman to better understand where they are taking the brand and the strategy behind launching a perks programs.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at Vimeo.

I’m the VP of Creative Development and also Co-Director of the Vimeo Festival + Awards. I help make Vimeo, from direction of the Content + Community Team, to Product Development and all aspects of the brand as it exists offline.

Where are you and your colleagues taking Vimeo as a brand?

The Vimeo brand continues to grow as a trusted resource in global creative industries. We are a community-focused platform for sharing videos, so our initiatives in growing the Vimeo brand are focused around providing more tools and resources for our current users and subscribers as well as cultivating new audiences to enhance the Vimeo community.

How will Vimeo Perks add value to your Plus and PRO account community?

The Perks program is designed to add value to our community by saving them money on the hardware and software they need to make better videos. It’s all part of giving back, like our Vimeo Video School and our iPhone app which are both free. Perks is another way for us to help bring down the barriers to entry so that more people can afford to get serious with video.

How will Vimeo Perks develop users’ loyalty to Vimeo and evolve their participation in the brand?

Our aim with Perks is to reward people who have already demonstrated their loyalty to Vimeo. Plus and PRO users have already opted to purchase extra features from us through our subscription-based expanded services tailored for individual creators and organizations and businesses. We hope that as they use their new hardware they will continue to choose Vimeo as the platform of choice to share their work. The Vimeo community participates by continuing to make video. We want to help with this whatever way we can.

As an insider, what can you tell us about the technical feats and business partnerships that make Vimeo Perks an exciting step forward for you?

Perks is something that we wanted to do for a while. With each of our product initiatives it takes time to develop the concept and put the partnerships in place to make it a working reality but we always start from the same criteria – to make Vimeo better for our users. Perks had technical challenges that required fresh thinking on our part. With each new product initiative we work directly with our partners to ensure that all aspects work the way Vimeo users expect things to work. Vimeo is continuing to evolve. The idea of what a website is, or should be, is continually changing. We listen to our community and aim to extend the boundaries of what’s possible, together.

Thanks Blake!

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