Independent? Creative? Why You Need To Know About Coworking

Independent? Creative? Why You Need To Know About Coworking

At places like 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, entrepreneurs, artists, and writers can share space and ideas to further their careers.

Liz Walsh
  • 11 november 2011

Coworking is a fantastic way to cut costs, share a professional space, and engage with other independent, creatively-driven individuals in a collaborative environment–especially in New York City. It’s a social space balanced neatly between coffee shop and large office, and they’re popular for a lot of reasons.

Coworking venues enable entrepreneurs or start-ups, artists, web developers, writers, and others to meet in a common space that fosters ideas and networking. They’re an obvious hub for finding the right people to give your business a creative edge – or to find the kind of business that wants the creative edge you have to offer. Today, independent workers make up 30% of the American workforce; it’s important to have central, buzzing locations like these to provide individuals with the structure and support they need.

3rd Ward in Brooklyn is taking coworking to another level–that of both innovative work environment and continuing education. Its memberships offer a diverse array of classes, from screen printing to introduction to web design, to french language and wine, 3rd Ward’s courses are a great way to pick up needed skills without interrupting your career. Not only can anyone elect to take courses, but they are also looking for creative professionals to teach additional courses at the workspace.

Last night, 3rd Ward hosted a free open house on working in the creative economy, a networking event providing freelancers with special opportunities, workshops, and the growing freelance movement and its political impact.

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