PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of NuFomer, a 3D mapping firm about how they are bringing a layer of interactivity to urban environments.

The PSFK consulting team has been noticing that the maturation of motion-sensing technologies are enabling new gaming experiences which can support personal growth and development, as gamers use natural movement to interact within a gaming environment.

One company operating in this space is NuFormer–a Netherlands-based 3D video mapping company that has integrated interactivity controls into projection technology. During a recent interactive projection test, spectators interacted in realtime with a projection layered onto a building by using gesture-based tracking (Kinect) technology. Using an iPad, iPhone or web-based application made available for both mobile phone and computer use, people could influence the projected content. For this particular test, Facebook interactivity was used but any type of social media can be incorporated into the projection. All types of branded content, logos or product placement can be incorporated in these interactive projection applications. PSFK spoke with multi-media designer Joren van Suylekom at NuFormer.

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