Interactive Video Lets Viewers Explore Rooms & Win Prizes

Interactive Video Lets Viewers Explore Rooms & Win Prizes

Retail chain Meijer creates a unique competition that engages visitors.

Yi Chen
  • 25 november 2011

Visitors to the ‘Get Gifted’ site play finders keepers with an interactive video. Retail chain Meijer has created the video featuring three rooms decorated with products found in its store. There’s also a resident family going about their activities for the festive season. Visitors can explore the rooms by turning 360-degrees in any direction to view what the family is up to. By clicking on a starred item, the user can find out more information about the product and even have the chance to win it as the daily prize.

For clues on the daily prizes, visitors can also check out Meijer’s Twitter and Facebook pages. There’s also a sweepstake where the winner will receive $10,000 for himself/herself and another $10,000 for a charity.
Meijer Get Gifted

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