The leader of SYPartners reveals a new iPad program that helps you chart your inspiration and creative process to help you from getting blocked and keep your ideas growing.

Why do the most brilliant people get stuck? How do they identify that they’ve hit a roadblock–personal or professional? After 18 years of work with top brands, Keith Yamashita, the founder of SYPartners, created an app that aims to help people get unstuck.

The source of being stuck, Keith explained at our recent PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO, is aspiration, ambition, trying new things and the drive to change the world. From this perspective, being stuck isn’t a pejorative term, but rather means that what you’re trying to achieve is working out in a different, unexpected way. The app SYPartners is developing visualizes the decision-making process for getting yourself unstuck, and exposes intuitive actionable knowledge that can unlock new behavior.

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