Kickstand Desk Enables Cyclists To Ride Their Bikes While At Work

Kickstand Desk Enables Cyclists To Ride Their Bikes While At Work
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A busy software developer wanting more time for cycling was the spark for a new furniture business.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 7 november 2011

It is a common belief that great ideas are born out of frustration. For Dan Young who runs his own mobile app development company in Cleveland, Ohio, finding time to devote to cycling was difficult. His long hours spent at his desk got him longing for breaks where he could go out for a bike ride. Then he got an idea, why not find a way to combine both activities?

What he had to do was find a way to merge his desk and bike. The result is Kickstand Furniture, a new company Young started which makes specialized desks under which you can park your bicycle and pedal while you work. Fresh Water Cleveland spoke with Young on why he chose to start another company.

The real mission was to build a line of furniture geared toward the avid cycler. I love bicycles and if I had my way I’d be riding them every day. Now I can.

The Kickstand Desk is designed so that bikes of various sizes can fit underneath the work surface. The top is height adjustable to offer a comfortable work position for each user. Sliders at the base of each leg allow the desk to be easily positioned. Each of the desks are  made in Cleveland and can be customized with work surface and finish options.

Young is hard at work at broadening the Kickstand line. He plans to introduce more bike friendly pieces and furniture accessories like stools in the near future.

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