Make A 3D Printed Miniature Out Of A Photo

Make A 3D Printed Miniature Out Of A Photo

A newly launched 3D printing service can preserve a fond memory by creating a desirable object.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 15 november 2011

3D printing may soon find its way into your shopping list of gifts this coming Christmas season as Miniature Moments, a new service that specializes in 3D printing, offers a noteworthy way of preserving snapshots of yourself or your loved ones.

Miniature Moments transforms your photos into 46mm x 37mm standalone three-dimensional portraits–roughly the size of a passport photo. Each portrait, called a “Miniature Moment,” has a unique shape and material depth, depending on the tones of the original photograph.

When set against the light, the Miniature Moment then acts like a photo negative, allowing you to see the portrait.

Watch the creative process behind each Miniature Moment in the video below:

Miniature Moments from Miniature Moments on Vimeo.

Miniature Moments

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