Mercedes AMG Engines Individually Hand Built & Signed

Mercedes AMG Engines Individually Hand Built & Signed

German automobile manufacturer adds a personal touch to every high-performance vehicle.

Yi Chen
  • 14 november 2011

Mercedes AMG specializes in high-performance luxury cars and is a subsidiary of the Mercedes Benz car manufacturer. The motto of Merceds AMG is ‘one man, one engine’ and this belief is upheld throughout the vehicle design and manufacturing process. Each engine is hand built by a single person in Bremen, Germany, and includes a hand-signed plaque by the individual. The plaque also features the German words ‘Leidenschaft, Leistung, und Verantwortung’, which translates to ‘Passion, Power, and Responsibility’.

A writer from NOTCOT was lucky enough to meet the craftsman behind the engine for his new Mercedes AMG C63 Coupé.

Mercedes AMG


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