Online Banking Start-up’s New Simplified Branding

Online Banking Start-up’s New Simplified Branding

BankSimple rebrands as 'Simple' and shows off its new logo and visual identity.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 november 2011

BankSimple, the alternative to traditional banking, has started inviting customers to sign up and has rebranded itself as ‘Simple‘, with a new logo to represent the company and their philosophy.

Online Banking Start-up's New Simplified Branding

The old image featured a stylized wallet, which they believe didn’t adequately convey their mission to simplify the financial lives of customers because a traditional wallet isn’t a tool for simplification. The updated logo, which was crafted in-house, is a guilloche pattern resembling a torus or ring.

A guilloche is a complex pattern created from simple, repeated, geometric steps defined by elementary equations. It’s this easily generated, difficult to reproduce intricacy that has led to a guilloche appearing in some form on most of the world’s currency. It is a sign of authenticity and security. That their intricate beauty is derived from understandable, algorithmic methods is what drew us to guilloche patterns and ultimately led us to represent our company and mission with one.

Online Banking Start-up's New Simplified Branding

This simple and flexible logo is accompanied by a slightly modified Gotham typeface for the font, which is a straightforward design inspired by early 20th century American signage. These simplified designs are carried over to the minimalist rubber-band and chipboard “wallet” for holding a card and cash, which will be included with every Simple card they send out.


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