Online Charity Platform Raises Funds Through Volunteers Doing Stunts

Online Charity Platform Raises Funds Through Volunteers Doing Stunts
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Do Whatever It Takes is a campaign to end youth homelessness, and it's looking for all sorts of crazy pledges to help raise money for the cause.

Liz Walsh
  • 28 november 2011

Do Whatever It Takes is a creative and fun way to take on a serious issue – youth homelessness. Over 2 million young people in the US and Canada experience homelessness each year. One out of 8 people are forced to leave their home. A variety of factors stand in their way: sexual abuse, discrimination from their families on the basis of sexual orientation, parental drug and alcohol abuse, abandonment, and others. 62% have dropped out of school. Of those without homes, they are 16 times more likely to contract HIV. Over 70% are unemployed, and they are 3 times more likely to suffer mental health problems.

A new funding platform allows people to donate to the cause through a series of challenges, by browsing the online platform, users can see a variety of options that they can bid on. One man will donate $100 to Tsunami relief in Japan if $100 is raised for youth homelessness. Another woman will scream in a library – and probably get kicked out – if $1500 is raised. Another will drink a liter’s worth of sour cream for $200. Want to see someone wear his hair like Mr. T and buy a season of The A-Team? $1000. Or, for  a grand total of $500, one man will jog in a speedo in the freezing Minnesota winter.

But Do Whatever It Takes is practical and solution based. It’s hopeful. $100 provides this significant portion of our population with food for a month or transit to get to work. $500 provides them with furniture and supplies so they can move into a home. A mere $25 provides a backpack, hygiene, and school supplies.

What makes this campaign unique is that rather than victimize those in need, it puts the attention on others who are willing to go the extra mile and draw attention to themselves to benefit someone else.

Do Whatever It Takes

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