Visually impaired football players use tracking technology and three-dimensional sounds to engage with former footballers in a match of "blind football."

Pepsi unveils yet another refreshing and inspiring idea with a project that delves into the art of blind football, named “The Sound of Football.” Pepsico/Carlsberg in Sweden put together a friendly football match between a team of visually impaired players versus a team of former professional footballers. The project aimed to see how both teams would perform under equal conditions in a match where everyone did not have the ability to see.

Each player was equipped with a guiding system throughout the football pitch. Tracking technology was used to get the position of each player in real time on the football pitch. Once the position has been determined, the information was then transmitted to an iPhone located on each player’s head and subsequently converted into binaural 3D sounds that communicated crucial game elements, such as the position of the ball, adjacent players, and the goal, among others.

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