Pro-Green Social Gaming Platform Engages Consumers And Brands

Pro-Green Social Gaming Platform Engages Consumers And Brands

Recyclebank, which promotes environmental responsibility in an interactive forum, is hosting a 'Green Your Seasons' challenge.

Liz Walsh
  • 23 november 2011

Recyclebank founder Ron Gonen. Photo via Businessweek.

Recyclebank enables users to earn points for everyday, pro-green actions, redeem their points for environmentally savvy awards, and learn about ways to save money and live green.

In addition to common-sense strategies like home recycling, pledges to turn off the tap, and initiatives to switch from bottled waters to at-home filters, Recyclebank brings brands and consumers together to take on green-living. Take, for instance, Kashi’s goal to get consumers to recycle used cereal boxes. Purchase a box of cereal with ‘Recycle for Rewards’ listed on the side panel, and when it’s time to get rid of the box, enter the Recyclebank code (printed on the inside of the box) online and then recycle. The page for the challenges keeps users up to date on progress – so far, 50,326 boxes have been recycled, resulting in 7,550 fewer pounds of waste in landfills.

Other participating brands include Aveeno, Ziploc, the Gconomy Visa Card, Kids Konserve, QTips, Suave, G&E, Barnes and Noble nook, and many more. Each brand or organization, has a creative way to promote environmental responsibility.

Recyclebank provides ample incentives – coupons for Earth friendly products, discounts at grocery stores and stores like KMart, Dick’s, Sears, Macy’s, and even gift cards to places like Best Buy, iTunes, Panera, and The Home Depot.

Recyclebank also provides a list of top points earners, articles about green living, and practical advice and services such as home recycling and suggestions for Thanksgiving cooking. There’s even a Green Schools Program, which helps schools raise money for green educational programs in exchange for points. With 3 million users worldwide and growing, Recyclebank offers a socially responsible opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and work together for a cause.


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