We sat down with OnSwipe CEO and CMO Jason L. Baptiste and Chris Batty to discuss their redesign of the online publishing platform.

OnSwipe is a tablet publishing platform that builds app-like experiences for sites that want a customized mobile site without the glitches and limitations that can occur with mobile apps. Optimized for any touch enabled device but focused on tablets, OnSwipe taps into a publishers' desire to take advantage of the fast-growing tablet user base.

Last week, we announced that PSFK has developed a mobile site with OnSwipe and we're really liking the new look. The tablet browsing experience is smooth and elegant, honing in on the paradigm shift from ‘point and click' to ‘tap and swipe' as the way that we interact with computers. With the rise of tablets, OnSwipe offers a much needed web device that is built completely around a tablet's production value, taking advantage of hi-resolution pictures, audio, and video.

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