PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 1 november 2011

Each week PSFK features many new and innovative apps. To give the best their due, we’ve compiled a roundup of the most interesting and creative apps written about on the site this past week:

BankSimple is a worry-free alternative to traditional banking that promises no surprise fees plus great customer service. Its iPhone app, due to launch soon, has a ‘safe to spend’ feature and is updated in real time with purchases so users can keep track of their money easily.

Nostalgic for the late 80’s? Miss those mixtapes you so lovingly created? Nobody uses cassettes anymore but AirCassette is the next best thing. Complete with spinning reels and handwritten script, the iPhone app is definitely better than downgrading your stereo system.

Turning everyday activities into friendly competitions or games helps encourage healthy habits and behaviors. Explorence aims to do just that with Dash!, which turns any outdoor activity into a race created and monitored through users’ smartphones.

This app is like a mix of Foursquare and a reminders list. It is designed to help you easily log venues, bars, restaurants and stores you would like to remember. All of your bookmarked places are automatically organized by neighborhood and viewable on a map.


Zombies, Run!
Another fitness-minded app but with a fun sci-fi horror twist, Zombies, Run! puts the user in a zombie-infested world where they must run to various virtual objectives to collect supplies, weapons, and complete missions.

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