PSFK Tours Russian Standard Vodka’s St. Petersburg Distillery [Pics]

PSFK Tours Russian Standard Vodka’s St. Petersburg Distillery [Pics]
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Go behind the scenes and glimpses the process and machinery behind creating Russia "most authentic" vodka.

Laura Feinstein
  • 28 november 2011

If you’re looking for an authentic gift for your favorite Slavophile this season, look no further. Touted as the best Russian vodka both by academics and actual Russians, Russian Standard Vodka comes in three classes (Standard, Standard Platinum, and Imperia), and as one quick visit to its website will show you–this is the real deal. Perfectly encompassing the west’s idea of a strong Soviet vodka that’ll knock you off your feet, with the desire of today’s successful Moscovites and St. Petersburgian’s for a luxury and premium spirit (with heritage), Russian Standard is more than just a kitsch brand.

If in need of a brief history lesson on the origins of Vodka, check out the site’s bio of Dmitri Mendeleev, Professor of Chemistry at St. Petersburg University and creator of the Periodic Table of Elements, who also established the absolute standard for vodka distillation used by the brand. Through Mendeleev’s methods, Standard Vodka claims to have combined “the finest hand-selected wheat from the black soil of the Russian steppes with the pure, soft waters of Lake Ladoga,” in essence, creating the perfect Russian Vodka. While our recent taste-test proved that Russian Standard is indeed superior to many other “authentic” vodkas we’ve tried, what really won us over were the recently snapped pictures of their St. Petersburg distillery (see below). Between the Cyrillic labeling, impressive bottle design (based on the 200 ton bell commissioned by Tsarina Anna I, which stands at the foot of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Moscow), and its crisp taste, it’ll be hard not imagine yourself galloping across the steppes this winter.

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Russian Standard Vodka


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