Public School Agrees To Include Ads In Report Cards

Public School Agrees To Include Ads In Report Cards

Colorado school gets creative with revenue earnings after steep budget cuts.

Yi Chen
  • 18 november 2011

Officials from the Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado, USA, have unanimously agreed to have advertisements shown on report cards due to steep budget cuts in education. The ads will be for CollegeInvest, a non-profit education savings plan in Colorado. In return, the school system will receive $30,000 annually for three years.

Lorie Gillis, CFO for Jeffco Public Schools admits that commercializing a school district can seem unorthodox but explains that, “$30,000 a year isn’t that much, but we are at a point in time where it is that much because it matters.”

Angela Baier, Chief Marketing Officer for CollegeInvest, describes the ads as more of a public service announcement because they highlight the importance for parents to start saving for college as early as possible.

Jefferson County Public Schools

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