Range Rover Evoque Sets The Agenda On-Road & In-Car

Range Rover Evoque Sets The Agenda On-Road & In-Car
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Auto designers ensured a great in-car experience to meet the Land Rover's new auto's dynamic performance standards.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 november 2011

The Range Rover Evoque, which has been designed for a more urban auto owner than other Land Rover marques, is now available in the US and across much of the world. We picked up our loaner the other day from the Land Rover HQ in New Jersey and the sprint back to the city reminded us of the fun trip we had driving across Wales. Even when you swap a Snowdonian mountain pass for the I95, the driving in the ‘dynamic’ and ‘sport’ modes brings a lot of excitement that keeps you checking the dashboard to keep you in legal speed.

While the Evoque’s unique look (it gets photographed when I leave it on the street still) and lively performance of the car helped it win Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year award, one feature that we are really enjoying is the sophisticated in-car entertainment system.

Car travel has changed a lot in the last few decades and we no longer cruise the ‘open roads.’ Some car companies like Land Rover have realized that its important to concentrate on the in-car experience as much as the automobile’s driving agility.

The car comes with 17 Meridian speakers including a subwoofer, centre and surround loudspeakers that bring a beautiful pitch at any volume for a wide array of music. The car also has a hard-drive that is designed to copy 10 CDs at high quality. The audio designers decided that instead of allowing the car to hold multiple CDs at lower quality, they’d only allow for uncondensed CDs to be downloaded to the hard-drive – to ensure the finest replay of the recording through the speakers.

The touchscreen entertainment system supports an extensive range of sources – such as inputs for iPod or other personal stereo player, USB media and other compatible platforms in addition to the built-in DAB radio and CD/MP3 disc. With a pair of wireless headphones, the passenger beside the driver can listen to their own music or radio show.

Our Range Rover Evoque is also decked out with screens in the rear seats and a system that allows everyone to have a great ride. With the wireless headphones, little Cy and Georgeanna can not only watch kiddie shows without sharing the audio-enjoyment with their parents,  they can watch their own individual shows. The system allows for everyone to enjoy their own entertainment. With two kids, trust me — it’s important. It all adds up to show that the team behind the Range Rover Evoque have set the agenda when it comes to the whole driving experience — on-road and in-car.

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