Strutt & Parker's new campaign provides instantaneous information to passers-by about houses for sale

A large part of home buying is the discovery of houses for sale through the sale boards posted on the lawns of the property. This can be a random event where someone may be either walking or driving by and in that moment the only access they have to information about the property is by calling a real estate agent. In a generation of new technologies that demand immediate feedback, however, a phone call or a scheduled appointment to look at a house can be too slow of a process.

As a means of providing more immediate information for house sales, Strutt & Parker are set to become the first agency to start using QR Codes on their sales boards. Now, these smart boards will not only be a means of contacting the sellers of a house, but a direct access point to information about it instead. Some boards, even, will use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology so people won’t even have to scan the boards but simply point their phones in the direction of the board to instantaneously download the information.

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