Remote Forestry Trains New Workers And Produces Ecologically-Sound Output

Remote Forestry Trains New Workers And Produces Ecologically-Sound Output

Remote forestry is a step towards solving complex business problems with existing infrastructure used for mobile and locations apps that takes mobile context and view of work to a new level.

Alice Chan
  • 28 november 2011

Masatomo Kobayashi of IBM Tokyo Research Lab, and Michitaka Hirose of the Cyber Interface Lab at the University of Tokyo have designed a concept for remote forestry, in which remote work is extended to pair up experienced but retired forestry experts with their younger counterparts still new to the job. The project aims to assist workers in fully understanding which trees to cut, and how to approach the cut. These are all insights that can be acquired through the power of remote conferencing which enables a safer, more productive and ecologically-sound output.

The onsite worker can provide the data, through sensors, video cameras, location etc. which are then transmitted over to the remote expert for their evaluation. Collectively, the two parties then discuss an approach and technique to perform the activity. These new possibilities in sharing business context for collaboration expands on the well-known location and mobile apps like FourSquare or others typically for personal socializing with friends and co-workers.

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