999bottles is a concept design from Artefact that lets you count what you've saved and then visualize it with a smartphone app.

This conceptual design project by Fernd Van Engelen at Artefact is a reusable water bottle with dials to let you count how many bottles you’ve saved by using it. 999bottles track your progress and accomplishments, visualize the impact, and add a social element to get you more motivated.

The three dials (count 000-999) allow you to keep track of how many times you re-use the bottle. Every time you refill the bottle, you can advance the dial one notch. A companion app for a smartphone or website helps visualize your environmental impact and as you adjust the dials, the app will interpret it for you. At 8 bottles, you will have amortized your initial purchase, 15 bottles is a stack about as tall as a giraffe.  At 147, the bottles you have not consumed have saved you $326 and 7 gallons of oil. Stacked on top of each other that would be the height of a 15 story building.

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