Ruby Pseudo: Jody McIntyre’s Bars For Change

Ruby Pseudo: Jody McIntyre’s Bars For Change
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An online music video series from the UK asks tackles police brutality and extremist groups.

Ruby Pseudo
  • 1 november 2011

Journalist, author, film-maker and political activist Jody McIntyre who was dragged from his wheelchair and struck with a baton by a member of the Metropolitan Police during the student protests in London last year teamed up with channel 4 and music site SBTV to make the series ‘Bars For Change’, which aired earlier this year. The series examines hot political topics for young people such as ‘Who polices the police’, government cuts and UK extremist groups. By weaving political music from artists such as Ghetts & Durrty Goodz alongside a documentary narrative, the series makes for engaging and informative viewing.

he first episode sees Jody examine who polices the police. He speaks to young people who were unfairly treated during the student protests, Brian Paddick the former met commissioner about the IPCC who admits ‘the criminal justice system is bias in favor of the police’ as well as Benjamin Zefaniah at a public discussion in Brixton. The episode culminates in Jody leading a large group of protesters to Brixton police station to sign complaint forms. I think the combination of genuine political activity combined with relevant music is a particularly engaging format for young viewers.

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Ruby Pseudo is the founder and writer of Ruby Psuedo Consulting, which is a global youth planning and research consultant agency. Learn more about Ruby at Ruby Psuedo Consulting.

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