Beer brewed from cassava root provides a better alternative for farmers in Mozambique.

SABMiller is one of the largest brewing companies headquartered in London, U.K. It’s also the first brewer to produce cassava lager, an alternative to barley-based beer. The Impala is created from the root of the cassava shrub, which is widely grown in Africa and can be easily cultivated. SABMiller partnered with DADTCO (Dutch Agricultural Development and Trading Company) to overcome initial problems such as processing the cassava root and preserving the integrity of the starch.

The Impala was launched in Mozambique, Africa by using locally-sourced raw materials. The line of beer will be an affordable alternative for locals to assume as opposed to drinking informal or illicit alcohol that can cost up to four times more. In addition, SABMiller’s initiative also supports local farmers that would otherwise be underexploited.

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