San Francisco Tired Of Advertisers Cleaning The Streets

San Francisco Tired Of Advertisers Cleaning The Streets

Regulators in this U.S. city are saying 'no' to cleaner footpaths and buildings by cracking down on reverse graffiti.

Yi Chen
  • 1 november 2011

The cultural city of San Francisco in the U.S. has expressed its concerns over ‘reverse graffiti’, a practice often used by marketing and PR firms to stencil ads onto footpaths or buildings. The process involves ‘cleaning’ the grim off the surface by blasting it with high-pressure water.

Media firm GreenGraffiti provides reverse graffiti service and claims that it’s a perfect way to promote a brand that’s not only attractive and innovative, but also environmentally friendly.

However, San Francisco regulators see the etched out logos and brands as unlawful marketing and are cracking down on this practice. Although most cities in the U.S. don’t have laws against cleaning sidewalks and walls, San Francisco Public Works is looking into closing the loophole and prohibit such advertising on government property. Spokeswoman Gloria Chan stated that, “We’re going to be investigating and taking a look at what enforcement code this falls under.”

San Francisco Public Works

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