Siri Can Handle Emergency Situations Better

Siri Can Handle Emergency Situations Better

Apple's voice-controlled app can save lives if integrated with the current 911 system and healthcare system.

Yi Chen
  • 1 november 2011

John Wilson from Gigaom explains how Apple’s voice-activated technology Siri can potentially change the 911 system. By integrating Siri into the current 911 system, the GPS location can be automatically detected and a VoIP video service can be initiated to give the emergency responder better visual and audio cues to quickly assist the problem. A Siri-enabled app can also immediately transmit critical stored information to the nearest hospital, such as primary care physician, current medications, previous health problems and drug allergies.

Wilson further explains in his article how Siri can also assist with challenges faced in healthcare such as home health monitoring and assistance. Siri can help people, especially the elderly, to remember to take prescribed medication, set up video check ups with family and care providers and ensure a smoother process when it comes to health-related events.


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