Siri, Meet Your Talking Tech Ancestor, The Furby [Video]

Siri, Meet Your Talking Tech Ancestor, The Furby [Video]

In a lighthearted take on cross-generational communication, the late-90's talking toy meets the advanced iPhone assistant. Will they get along?

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 8 november 2011

Whether it’s a comment on how far technology has come in the past 13 years, an exploration of how artificial constructs operate outside of their intended parameters, or just fun, Awarehead‘s Youtube video of Apple’s Siri ‘communicating’ with a Furby is a becoming viral hit.

Siri handles the ‘Furbish’ imaginary language quite well considering, and does its best to be helpful. Ever since release in mid-October people have been exploring and discovering the abilities (and limitations) of the iPhone’s digital assistant. There have even been a few ‘Easter Egg’-like finds, such as when you ask Siri about the meaning of life.


  • ‘I don’t see “Kill Her” in your address book. Should I look for businesses by that name?’
  • In reply to vocalizations from Furby: ‘Sorry. I don’t see Eric in your contacts.’
  • Furby: What sounds like ‘Joe Nickelby’ Siri: ‘Searching for’

It eventually devolves into a one-sided conversation.


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