Smartphone Apps Crowdsource Music For Gap Store Based On Facebook Likes, Profiles & Votes

Smartphone Apps Crowdsource Music For Gap Store Based On Facebook Likes, Profiles & Votes

Roqbot lets customers' preferences influence what tunes play while they're shopping.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 november 2011

Roqbot‘s apps for iPhone and Android devices let users choose what music is playing in various venues (clubs, bars, gyms, etc) from its catalog of six million songs. By checking in to the location, their musical preferences (such as their Facebook likes, profile listings, Pandora bookmarks and the music on their smartphone) affect the soundtrack. They can also use the apps to vote for tunes and add them to the queue. The Gap store on Chestnut Street, San Francisco has become the first retail partner for Roqbot, allowing its customers to decide what they listen to while they shop.

Customizing the music to match what shoppers like to listen to is an easy way to make them happy and remain in the store for longer. Roqbot’s co-founder and CEO, Garrett Dodge, told

Music has always been a reason for people to stay in a venue for longer. Bars want to have great music so you stay longer and have another beer, and the gym wants to have music so you’re entertained if you don’t have your iPod with you. We see Roqbot as taking that to the next level by letting customers actually engage with the music that’s playing — discovering what’s playing, and also influencing it.

On-screen displays let customers see what’s playing, how they are influencing the songs, and view the voting scores. Gap plans to run this pilot program throughout the holiday shopping season before deciding whether to extend it to other stores across the country.


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