NeverWet Spray makes nearly any surface superhydrophobic, causing liquids to slide right off.

Ross Nanotechnology has developed a silicon spray, NeverWet, that can make electronics, clothing and nearly any other surface extremely waterproof.

The product is superhydrophobic, which means it repels liquids at a very high ‘contact angle,’ the measured distance between a liquid droplet and a surface. The higher the angle, the rounder the droplet. Surfaces treated with NeverWet have a contact angle of 175 degrees, while Teflon and car wax are between 90-95 degrees.

This highly-anticipated product has the potential to change the definition of ‘waterproof.’ According to Ross Nanotechnology, NeverWet products can make surfaces anti-wetting, anti-icing, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, and self-cleaning. Ever wonder how Navy SEAL guns work after being submerged? Perhaps a similar technology was in military use before this civilian version.

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