Bloggers and publishers can choose from free high quality photos that link to related advertising.

It was a few months ago that we featured GapAd, a service for bloggers to monetize their sites by displaying ads when visitors leave. Now in Finland, Kiosked aims to help bloggers and publishers better monetize their content — effectively turning online images into a consumer-friendly marketplace.

Kiosked was founded by Micke Paqvalén as an alternative to traditional banner advertising. According to Google, click-through rates for banner ads are falling in double figures, and are commonly viewed as an irritation rather than compelling advertisements. Kiosked, on the other hand, is an in-image advertising platform. Bloggers and publishers begin by choosing a free high-quality image from the Kiosked Image Bank and embedding it on their site. Kiosked then automatically tags the image with relevant advert links. For example, a travel blogger writing about London can select an image of Big Ben and place it on their site. This image will be tagged with relevant links to websites offering flights to London, or hotels and accommodation near Big Ben, for example. Then, anyone viewing the image on the site can click the small “K” icon in the bottom left hand corner of the image to display all the links the image has been tagged with.

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