Innovative design for a bridge in the Netherlands combines aesthetic and ecological goals.

The Moses Bridge was built by Ro&Ad to provides visitors access to a 17th century castle located in the Netherlands that was used to protect the Dutch from the French and Spanish. This particular bridge cuts across the moat of Fort de Roovere; the moat was too shallow for a boat and too deep to walk across. Inhabitat details the materials used in making the bridge:

First lying flush with the earth, the bridge then descends deeper into the ground. Lined with wood sheet piling for walls, the deck and stairs sit between. The bridge and its components have been made from sustainable hardwood that is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. The Accoya wood is also treated with a nontoxic coating, protecting it from fungal decay and increasing its durability — an ideal material for a sunken bridge. Like a dam, the walls of the bridge hold the waters of the moat back, and like Moses, the bridge parts the waters so that pedestrians may pass.

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