Suzuki To Debut An Unusual Looking Compact Concept Car

Suzuki To Debut An Unusual Looking Compact Concept Car
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The Regina Concept was developed with attention to aerodynamic efficiency to aid fuel economy.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 9 november 2011

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is still a few weeks away but already images of Suzuki’s study of a future generation compact car have leaked out. Called the Regina Concept, Suzuki is previewing what their vision of a small, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient vehicle would look like. The exterior is heavily shaped by the effects of the wind tunnel with the aim to reduce drag. To aid this, the Regina features a very small front grille opening, exterior rear view cameras in place of bulky mirrors and fenders which partially cover the rear wheels. Suzuki says all this lowers drag by 10% compared with the average current models.

The interior design is kept simple with all of the controls and instrumentation located on two digital displays. A primary interface set within a transparent panel angles down from the dashboard to the center console where a navigation knob is located. Features like navigation, audio and climate controls would likely be accessed via this display. Operation information such as speed, fuel and indicators are displayed above in a separate screen. The interior’s white and grey scheme is accented with bright green fabric and carpet containing a pixel pattern.


[via Car Body Design]


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