PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of The Supertouch Group Sam Ewen, a company bridging the virtual/physical divide utilizing Kinect technology for virtual games played in real life.

The PSFK consulting team has noticed that enhanced connectivity across devices is enabling seamless interactions between tablets, smartphones and other screens, creating new opportunities for planned and impromptu gaming experiences and offering users new ways to engage with their surroundings. One company operating in this space is the SuperTouch Group–a New York City company working to marry the physical and the virtual world by enhancing the physical interplay between technology and a consumer. Utilizing Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing technology, the company has created a game for controlling a virtual character who is interacting with virtual artifacts being controlled by players in the physical space. The concept is rooted in the idea that a growing number of people have connected computers in their pockets in the form of smart phones or tablets, creating new opportunities for people to interact with digitally-augmented landscapes. PSFK spoke with Sam Ewen, Co. Founder of The SuperTouch Group. Please provide a brief introduction about yourself and your company.

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