The latest Disney film successfully leverage YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and mobile apps for film promotion.

To promote the November 23rd release of The Muppets, Walt Disney has leveraged social media to market the rebirth of a classic brand. With an active presence and large following on multiple platforms, the gang of live action puppets has successfully adapted itself to the digital era. Beginning with a viral YouTube video of the Muppets signing Bohemian Rhapsody in 2009, the brand now has over a million fans on Facebook.

The Muppets now have their own music app, Tap Tap Muppets. Each of the puppet characters also has their own Facebook page packed with playful promotional wall banter. They also have an active Google+ page with videos. Their most recent YouTube video is a soundtrack preview that pokes fun at audience criticism. The brand’s Twitter account, @MuppetsStudio, is hosted by none other than the ornery duo, Statler and Waldorf, as they heckle everyone in the new Muppet universe, including Jason Segel and Kristen Schalled, aligning themselves with the digital era’s most notorious tomato thrower, Perez Hilton.

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