The chewing gum brand decides to focus on entertaining and involving experiences rather than hard selling their product.

JWT London created a weird and wonderful Europe-wide campaign for Trident Senses chewing gum to promote pointless but fun experiences. They came up with The Pointless Collective, a group of creative artists who think up events, films and activities. A series of surreal webisodes filmed in Romania feature three masked heroes who devise ideas for pointless fun, which then take place for real.

So far, there has been a floating igloo with a polar that came out and danced whenever people from nearby Spanish beaches sent a text to a specific number, the world’s largest shadow puppet show in Valencia’s football stadium that let the crowd choose who would score a goal, and a reality TV show set on a chicken farm called ‘Dude, Where’s My Chicken?’ The men behind the Pointless Fun campaign, Bruno Xavier and Christiano Neves of JWT London, told Contagious Magazine:

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