Demonstrators at over 150 restaurants called on the fast food chain to stop deforestation fueled by throwaway packaging.

Occupation is becoming more and more popular (unless you live the occupied territories) and the last target to be occupied in the last couple of days was none other than KFC. However, it was actually not because of what is in their buckets, but because of the buckets themselves.

Organized by Dogwood Alliance, Occupy KFC took place on Wednesday, with demonstrations at over 150 KFC restaurants calling on the company to “stop destroying Southern forests for your throwaway packaging.”  This was another step in a campaign Dogwood Alliance is running against KFC since April 2010, calling for better paper management practices from the company. According to Dogwood Alliance, the iconic KFC bucket and other KFC paper packaging come from critical wetland forests and some of the last remaining special places on the southeastern coast.

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