Karlsson's Gold leverages it geographically specific raw ingredients as point of differentiation.

Swedish vodka brand Karlsson’s Gold has released a series of videos that links the product to its local agriculture. This campaign comes at a time when there is a renewed urban interest in farming heritage, raw foods and beverage connoisseurship. This brand positioning appears to be an inversion of what’s expected of high end vodkas who regularly market themselves in the context of posh night clubs and VIP lounges. The Vimeo videos feature Börje Karlsson, the company’s master distiller and talent behind the widely successful vodka brand, Absolut, sharing his philosophy for a new kind of premium unfiltered vodka, quipping, “If you don’t like it, don’t drink it.” The videos include panoramic footage of potato fields, interviews with local farmers, and instructions on how to correctly imbibe the spirit.

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