Vote for your favorite out of the T1 campervan or the Beetle and the winner will be made complete with lots of special features.

Volkswagen is offering fans of its iconic Beetle and T1 campervan the chance to bring one of the classic vehicles back with a Facebook campaign. Dutch agency Achtung is building the VW Fanwagen, which promises to be the “most social car ever.” Whichever gets the most ‘likes’ will be turned into a social media vehicle, with plenty of unique features.

One lucky fan will win the one-of-a-kind Fanwagen complete with a Feed-O-Matic that prints your newsfeed off the dashboard, a poke button on the steering wheel, birthday notification system, and friend finder. The winner will also be able to ‘adjust their privacy settings’ by opening or closing the built-in curtains, and change their relationship status on the license plate. The T1 campervan is currently beating the Beetle with 70% of the votes. Here’s the ad for the campaign:

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